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September 19th-September 23rd, 2022

 Dr. Harper and Harper PaINLab alumni attend the International Assocation for the Study of Pain (IASP) Conference


Pictured: Dr. Ali Alsouhibani

Pictured: Adrian Rivera

January 22 2019

 Dr. Harper is honored to have been chosen to receive the 2019 G.F. Gebhart Journal of Pain Young Investigator Award! His selection was based on the quality of his 2018 1st author publication in J Pain titled Resting functional connectivity of the periaqueductal gray is associated with normal inhibition and pathological facilitation in conditioned pain modulation and his overall promise to future contributions in the field. This award comes with a $1,000 travel stipend to attend the annual American Pain Society meeting from April 3-6 in Milwaukee WI, where he will be honored at the awards ceremony. Congratulations to Dr. Harper and his co-authors for this wonderful recognition!

Pictured, left to right: Amy Ursitti and Dr. Daniel E Harper

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