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Welcome to the Harper PaIN Lab!


Lab Overview

The Harper PaIN Lab seeks to better understand how pain is processed in individuals without chronic pain and how pain processing is disrupted in individuals with chronic pain. Towards these ends, our team uses a variety of tools, some tried and true and others cutting-edge. We are also highly interdisciplinary and open to collaborations with those in other departments, academic institutions, and industry. Feel free to reach out to us. Thanks for visiting!

Brain Sketch

"How many interesting facts fail to be converted into fertile discoveries because their first observers regard them as natural and ordinary things, unworthy of thought and analysis!... It is strange to see how the populace... disdains the world around it as commonplace, monotonous, and prosaic, without suspecting that at bottom it is all secret, mystery, and marvel."

- Santiago Ramón y Cajal


Contact Us

Emory University
Department of Anesthesiology


Woodruff Memorial Bldg Room 7303

101 Woodruff Circle

Atlanta, Georgia 30322

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