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Maya Iberkleid

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maya is an undergraduate student double-majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Anthropology and Human Biology. From a young age, Maya has been interested in health related fields. Before getting into Emory, Maya would volunteer at the local Children’s Hospital in Panama where she is from. That is why she chose to study the brain, and how it shapes human behavior at Emory. Maya solidified her love for neuroscience by taking the required classes for the major, but sparked a new love for neuroscience by joining the PaIN lab. Through the lab, Maya got the opportunity to discover the brain from a different angle, putting theories to test. Because of this, she is now considering continuing her professional path in research. Maya looks forward to furthering her learning inside of the classroom, as well as through research conducted in the lab. Maya plans to attend graduate school to work in a health related field, or possibly go to medical school. Her goal is to bring all of her acquired knowledge at Emory to her home country where there is a huge need for understanding the brain from more than one angle and provide help to as many people as she can.


Maya Iberkleid
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