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Daniel Harper, Ph.D

Principal Investigator

Post-doc in Neuroimaging, UMich, 2014-2016

Ph.D. in Psychology (Behavioral Neurosci), UNC, 2014

M.A. in Psychology (Behavioral Neurosci), UNC, 2011

B.S. in Psychology with Honors, UNC, 2007

Dr. Harper grew up outside of Charlotte NC, is a Tar Heel born and bred, and thus had no choice but to attend the University of North Carolina as an undergraduate. Unsure of where college would take him, his scientific torch was lit sophomore year in a Sensation & Perception course. The research journey began at UNC, continued post-doc at The University of Michigan, and is currently progressing at Emory with the opening of a new lab! Dr. Harper is passionate about science and hopes to make a positive contribution to society through research, mentoring, teaching, and service. Outside of work, Dr. Harper enjoys spending time with his partner and their three young children.


Daniel Harper, Ph.D
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